1:1 Coaching

Let’s plan a visual strategy for your business! This workshop is for you if you enjoy learning at your own pace and appreciate the value given at a more personalised level. 

Benefits: Feel confident with your camera and learn to take photos that you are proud to share on your website, social media, menus, cookbooks, cake portfolio’s and so on. This is a great way to feel a sense of accomplishment by investing in yourself and your business. 

What will you learn: I will teach you how to create an easy set up and have it as your go to whenever you need to shoot a new recipe or product. You will learn how to master your photography skills; shoot & style your food or products with natural light, arrange props in a way that shares a story or simply learn the basic functions of your manual camera settings. You may want to expand your knowledge on one or all of the topics below. 

- Lighting & Location
- Mood & Visual Storytelling
- Styling & Props
- Angles & Composition
- Instagram For Business Owners
- Edit Your Photos In Instagram

Learn more about what's covered in each topic here

These sessions are packed full personalised value and can be held at your business, home or via Skype.