Group Workshops

By the end of this workshop you will be feeling more confident with your photography and have a core understanding on how to use Instagram for your business. I will help you put an action plan in place on how to attract authentic followers and turn them into clients. 

What you will learn: 

Mood & Visual Storytelling: Discover your style and how to keep it consistent and inline with your brand. Learn how to share a story and create mood/emotion through photography to capture the attention of your clients.

Location & Lighting: Where to place your subject for optimal lighting situations, key lighting types and when to use them & how to manipulate natural light to your advantage. 

Composition and Angles: Learn to achieve creative angles to get more height, make products look larger or capture the best view of your subject. Understand what areas within your camera view the human eye is most naturally drawn to and why this is important.

Props and Styling: Learn the steps to achieving a beautifully styled scene and how to arrange your props for the best results.  
Editing Photos In Instagram: Basic tips on how to make your photos look professional before sharing them online. Learn the most suitable filters to use for what you're taking pictures of, creative cropping techniques, how to; adjust contrast, add blur, sharpen your image and more. 

Instagram For Business Owners: You will learn how to hashtag effectively, build a community and create an overall style for your brand. 

All of the fun topics above are covered in this is a 2 hour intensive workshop. For a more in depth learning experience please enquire about our full day or weekend long retreats. We are always happy to personalise workshops for crowd funded groups.